GFC Economics has developed a rigorous framework for analysing the economy working in global marketsIndependent economic research on the US, the Eurozone, the UK, Japan and ChinaYour sentinel in economic forecastingThe world's most insightful economic forecasts delivered to the palm of your handKeeping a watchful eye over the markets that affect your financial decisions

Welcome to GFC Economics

GFC Economics is an independent economic consultancy established in 1999 and based in London. We provide economic research on the US, the Eurozone, the UK, Japan and China to institutional clients on a subscription basis.

Run by former City economist, Graham Turner, GFC Economics provides timely analysis of the economic issues affecting global financial markets. As an independent entity we are free to express our views without the intervention of any vested interests.

GFC Economics adopts a “top down” integrated approach towards its analysis and seeks to identify long term strategies arising from its economic projections. GFC Economics has enjoyed a consistent track record in calling economic and market trends as well as providing fresh, independent and timely research.

We publish three to four commentaries a week plus a weekly chartbook. These are sent out to clients by email during the week followed by a weekly summary. Subscribers can also logon to the private area of our website to access past commentaries. We are currently offering a 90 days free trial and we welcome enquiries from asset managers, institutions and other investors. 

The US Economic Recovery by Graham Turner of GFC Economics from Graham Turner on Vimeo.

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